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Robotics Training in Chennai

Robotics Training in Chennai

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Want to learn Robotics right from scratch? Are you living anywhere near Chennai? Are you looking for a best Robotics training institute in Chennai?

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Stainless Steel Robot with Seven Degrees of Freedom

Watch the above video of the World’s First Complete Stainless Steel Robot with 7 degrees of freedom. This Stainless Steel Robot is developed by Kawasaki Heavy Industries with a name of MSR05 arm.

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ir sensor module

Making of IR Sensor Module

As per the reader’s request, here is the making of the IR Sensor Module. An IR Sensor module is a sensor that transmits and receives infra-red rays when a surface or object is detected. It is a multipurpose sensor, which can be used in line following robot, obstacle avoiding robot, edge avoiding robot, etc.

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UC develops a Firefighting Robot for helping Firefighters

As the use of firefighting robots has started to increase, many related improvements are taken so often to make it powerful. One of the latest inventions is the Segway-like Firefighting Robot developed by the Engineers at the University of California, San Diego. This firefighting robot helps in providing the happenings at a burning building to the human firefighters before they enter, which certainly alerts them in safe and smart work in saving human lives.

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Buy Educational Robots Online


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At mhobbies, you will find a large selection of robot products. You will also find extensive robot parts, Arduino robots and even robotic kits. So you can begin building your own custom educational robot application.

Log in now, buy robot parts and start building your own robots.

FANUC M-1iA/0.5A Assembly Robots

The above video brings you the water assembly demonstration by Five FANUC M-1iA/0.5A robots. An M-1iA is a six-axis robot with compact and lightweight design. The parallel-link structure helps it to perform high-speed and accurate operations than other traditional robots. Read more »

scaft robot

Strong Limbed SCHAFT Robot gets displayed

Is it possible to develop a robot with superhuman strength? Most of them will say yes, but it is not that much easy as we see in Hollywood films. To create a high-powered robot requires powerful electric motors, which are lacking for long years. Even Honda’s ASIMO is capable of picking up a few kilograms. It is estimated that adult robots have got one-tenth of strength than the average person.

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Dr. Guero’s Balancing Bipedal Robot

The above video brings you an amazing bipedal robot, which can balance itself with its thin stick-like base. It was tested in various places like tree, uneven ground, park bench, slope, and even on a tight rope. As a robotics lover, it was a pleasant experience for me to have a look on such a great performance.

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robotics ukraine

Robotics Ukraine

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If your mother tongue is Russian and you are very much interested in robots, then the above link would definitely help you. One great highlight of this website is that it contains step by step instructions on developing various Arduino based robots and more.

Overall, Robotics Ukraine is all about robots on Russian language.

neato xv signature series

Neato Unveils XV Signature Series with High Vacuum Power

Neato Robotics, a Silicon Valley company founded on an idea to create robots to free people from household chores. Their first robot was released in 2010, and today, the intelligent laser guidance system acts as the heart of all Neato robotic vacuums.
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