A computer acts as a robot workcell controller

In some cases, a digital computer will be a very suitable device as a workcell control system for controlling several types of robots. Generally, a computer is incorporated either in sequence or alternative with a programmable controller. A time sharing operation mode is the period when the computer is used to control the robot cell. A computer is a module in the hierarchical computer network, which is joined behind the robot controller or/and programmable controller in the cell, and it is joined above the next hierarchical point in the industry. Some of the unique arrangements must be done for interfacing the computer and industrial equipments.

Reason for implementing a computer as a robot workcell controller:

A programmable controller (PC) is the advanced control device in the robot cell. It has got several hundreds of input and output ports for connecting to the equipment directly. This feature is a benefit of a PC over a computer. Apart from this advantage, there are also some disadvantages on a programmable controller in the data processing and programming languages. These drawbacks have certainly brought the computer into the act, which is capable of performing it.

When comparing the digital computers and programmable controllers, there are one similarity and one difference. To be precise, these control devices are used in different applications, but their basic technology is almost the same one.

Robot application features that might support a computer as workcell controller:

  • Managing the operations of several robot workcells, and communicating the important data among the workcells.
  • Programming the coding portion of error detection and recovery problem in the cell process.
  • Computers will be best suitable for performing data processing tasks like inventory control, high level of production scheduling, and more.
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