Alissa – Russia’s first female android

In this modern world, Android has been expected to be the future of robotics, and Neurobotics and Russia 2045 movement also expects the same to happen by 2045. A little impact of it is shown from the development of Alissa, which is considered as the Russia’s first realistic female android head. It was developed by Dmitry Itskov, and recently revealed by Russia 2045 movement.

A nice looking picture of Alissa is shown in the above image, and it looks realistic to a certain extent. The silicone mask has been developed by Neurobotics with eight points of articulation rather than 30 points (common on other android heads). These eight points are added only for the movement of the eyes and mouth.

Alissa has a wheel base at its bottom for mobility, and its head is located to a mannequin. The expressions of the face i.e. eyes and mouth are controlled by a standard game pad. It also has a basic Artificial Intelligence, which helps it to match the movement of mouth according to the words spoken by a speech synthesizer.

Alissa is capable of streaming a video feed with the cameras placed at its eyeballs. The operator can use Skype for chatting with others in the Telepresence mode. It is still under early stages, and the company experiments the movement of robot base using operator thoughts with the help of EEG (Electroencephalography).

The below video shows you some of the mouth movements of Alissa:

Neurobotics (Use chrome to translate the Russian language to English)

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