Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that aims in developing robots with intelligence. Here, intelligence refers to learning capabilities, understanding language, problem solving, the way of thinking, and more. In other words, AI is a system that makes the robots to ‘think.’

Robots are usually programmed with different robot programming languages to perform its operations. This kind of robots will only be capable of carrying out the specified process. If a robot needs to have many capabilities, then it is certainly impossible to program for all junctures. Therefore, the artificial intelligence has been introduced to play a major role in this category.

A robot with artificial intelligence will use sensors for collecting the information. Then, this collected information is compared with the stored data for executing the most effective process. The concept of AI may be simple, but making it possible is very difficult. It is not as easy as replicating a human heart, it is all about reproducing a human brain. We know that brain has the most complicated design with billions and billions of neurons.

A Japanese Scientist recently revealed a robot with thinking capability. This robot included a Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network for completing the specified work with its own intelligence. It collects data either with the help of its knowledge or through internet research. Likewise, there are several self-thinking robots under the developing stage, and these robots are expected to get the intelligence of a human behavior at some time.

Artificial Intelligence can also be a handy system in industrial robots for vision system function. By storing several characteristics of an object like area, perimeter, etc., an industrial robot can be made to grasp a material in a complex three-dimensional area. It can even pick a particular object from a mixture of components. As a result, AI helps industrial robots to achieve high accuracy, improved intelligence, and processing speed.

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