The BFS Auto Robot can scan books at high speed & high definition

Nowadays, eBooks have become more popular after the arrival of Smartphones and Tablets. A couple of difficulties usually frustrate while scanning hundreds and thousands of books such as long scanning time and possibility of damages. To eliminate these problems, the University of Tokyo’s Ishikawa Oku laboratory has come up with BFS Auto Robot.

The BFS Auto Robot is a high speed and high definition book scanner, whose performance can be categorized into three types such as:

  • High speed page flipping: It automatically flips and digitally scans book at a speed of 250 pages per minute on the original media format. Therefore, it almost takes only one minute to scan a book.
  • Real-time 3D recognition of flipping pages: It is capable of achieving the highest scanning quality by observing real-time 3D deformation at 500 times per second of each flipped pages.
  • High accuracy 3D restoration of a flat-documented image: During high processing speed, the flipped pages may get twisted while scanning. A technology has been incorporated to restore these distorted pages using the captured 3D deformation for providing a flat document view.

The BFS Auto Robot will be for sale in 2013, and its high speed and high definition scanning are its advantage factors. Overall, this system would help to scan a well-packed mini library within one day.

The below video brings you the working of the BFS Auto Robot:

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