Build your own art robot with Hummingbird kit

Hummingbird is an educational kit that allows children or adults to turn their lovely arts or crafts into a functional robot within hours. This excellent stuff was developed by BirdBrain Technologies, a spinoff company of Carnegie Mellon University. The goal of this invention is to make the children to develop technologies rather than using it.

Hummingbird kit consists of servos, power supply, motors, controller, tri-colored LED, and cables. It also incorporates several sensors like distance, temperature, sound, and light. As it does not require any critical programming and technical skills, children more than 11 years of age can easily understand and develop an art robot.

This educational kit will allow the users to develop a robot from cardboard or other rigid materials, and then connect them with servo motors and sensors. At last, the assembled project is interfaced to a computer for operating the art robot with the controller via free drag-and-drop programming application.

BirdBrain Technologies sells Hummingbird kit for a price of $199.00 (U.S. Dollars). Overall, this kit could be more useful for children to develop their knowledge on innovating robots.

To get one, click here

The below video shows you the performance and created techniques of dragon art robot.

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