Advances in Robotics and Virtual Reality

Robotics, an emerging field in this modern world has found solutions for almost every problem that are possible and impossible by humans. Behind this great achievement, there are many robotics researches done on various applications. To make a note of several latest inventions, the Advances in Robotics and Virtual Reality book has been edited by two legendary scientists with the help of fifteen exceptional authors.

This robotics book covers three major parts such as:

  • Advanced Robotic Systems in Practice
  • Enabling Human Computer Interaction
  • 3D Virtual Reality Environments

These major parts describe the advances of robotics in medicine and space examination with the accomplishment of virtual reality. It also delivers many research ideas to recognize the improvements in robotics and virtual systems. Moreover, this book could be very useful for robotics researchers in the fields like virtual simulation, computer graphics, biomechanics, neuroscience, and surgery.

Additional details:

  • Edited by Tauseef Gulrez and Aboul Ella Hassanien
  • ISBN 978-3-642-23362-3
  • 2012 Edition

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