Grasping in Robotics

Grasping in Robotics is a book edited by Giuseppe Carbone, who is an expert and has wide knowledge in this field. This robotics book is packed with complete information about the field of grasping in robotics. It could be a good reference book for the researchers of robotic grippers as it covers the mechanical design issues of robotic grippers and hands.

This robotics book includes several major topics like:

  • Path planning and control techniques for grasping
  • Industrial grippers
  • Microgrippers
  • ParaGrip
  • Robotic Hands
  • Finger orientation and vision in grasping

Grasping in Robotics could also be useful for other researches like hardware design, mechanical design, user interfaces, humanoid robotics, sensors, control design, modeling and simulation. The resources says that this robotics book could be selected as a PhD reference textbook for specific courses as well.

Additional Details:

  • Price – 139.05 € (Hardcover) or 119.99 € (eBook) at
  • Publisher – Springer
  • Vol. 10 – Mechanisms and Machine Science Series
  • Pages – 467
  • ISBN: 978-1-4471-4664-3 (Online) & 978-1-4471-4663-6 (Print)

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