Snake Robots

Snake Robots is a robotics book that brings you topics based on locomotion and operating mechanisms of snake robots in challenging areas. It mainly covers mathematical modeling methods, Mechatronic design and implementation, and control design plans of snake robots. Such robots could be used in the future for performing several operations like:

  • Search and Rescue operations
  • Subsea operations
  • Inspection and Maintenance operations

This sensational snake robotics book includes the latest researches done on locomotion of snake robots. It is also helpful for starting a snake robotic research with its widespread ideas of snake robot literature. Additionally, it provides you development details of two snake robots to increase your knowledge on the theoretical results.

The main advantage of this robotics book is its lucid and easily understandable writing style with numerous images. This will certainly be a great treat to every reader. Before concluding, I like to thank the authors of this book for creating such an informative and wonderful robotics book.

Additional info:

  • Authors – Pal Liljeback, Kristin Y. Pettersen, Oyyind Slavdahi, and Jan Tommy Gravdahi.
  • ISBN 978-1-4471-2995-0
  • 317 Pages
  • Price 129.95 at Springer

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