Self-organizing robots

It always feels good to discuss about a useful robotics book as we do normally. In that lineup, today we have got Self-Organizing Robots, which brings a concept of reorganizing a machine automatically according to the environment. The main aim of this book is to make it possible with the help of recent mechanical engineering.

The contents covered in this robotics book are:

  • Chapter 1: Designing by self-organization
  • Chapter 2: Self-organization of biological systems
  • Chapter 3: History of self-organizing machines
  • Chapter 4: Basics in mathematics and distributed algorithms
  • Chapter 5: Artificial self-assembly and self-repair
  • Chapter 6: Prototypes of self-organizing robots
  • Chapter 7: Robotic metamorphosis
  • Chapter 8: Self-organization of motion
  • Chapter 9: Hardware and Software
  • Chapter 10: The future of self-organizing robots

I believe that the above topics might have increased your interest in studying this book. Besides it has been coupled with a major advantage of user-friendly texts with up to date examples. A special thanks to the authors of Self-Organizing robots Satoshi Murata and Haruhisa Kurokawa for creating such a fantastic book.

This robotics book could be best for students and researchers related to robotics, control, electronics, computer science and mechanics.

Related info:

  • Series Springer Tracts in advanced robotics
  • ISBN 978-4-431-54054-0
  • 2012 Edition
  • 272 pages

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