Boston Dynamics unveils AlphaDog military robot

Boston Dynamics has shown the capabilities of their new AlphaDog quadruped robot in the IROS 2011 event last month at San Francisco. It was first known as the LS3 (Legged Squad Support System) robot. This robot is developed with the help of DARPA and US Marine Corps funds. It is considered as the big brother of BigDog robot, which is the previous version of AlphaDog. The BigDog had several drawbacks like insufficient payload, limited operating range, and noisy movements.

Capabilities of AlphaDog robot:

The AlphaDog robot is especially made for military purposes. This gigantic looking robot is equipped with four legs, which is almost similar to an animal. This robot carries loads up to 180 kilograms (400 pounds) and travels up to 30 kilometers (20 miles) on any sort of terrain. Most importantly, it does not require refueling until these processes get finished.

The integration of computer vision, GPS navigation system, and modern hydraulics in the AlphaDog robot helps it to follow the troops without any guidance. When compared with BigDog, this robot provides less noise while traveling on the rough terrains. In addition, the payload and operating range of this robot is improved extremely.

Apart from all these features, this robot is also capable of balancing itself even it is pushed hardly by two men. You can watch this performance in the video given below. Another important one to be noticed in this video at the end is that it gets into the safety position if it surpasses the limits.

Boston Dynamics has decided to launch the AlphaDog robot in the year of 2012 along with a test conducted by the DARPA and US Marine Corps.

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