Brainlink makes simple robots to work smarter

The brainlink module is introduced by a Carnegie Mellon Spin-off Company called as BridBrain Technologies. It is mainly developed for providing additional capabilities to the simple robots such as household robots, toy robots, etc. The programs written on the laptops or Android smartphones can be sent to the brainlink through a Bluetooth connection. After this process, it is capable of controlling the robot with the help of infrared signals.

The shape of the brainlink module is triangular, and it is shown in the above picture. An advantage in this device is that it can be easily fitted in any portion of a robot. It includes a wired IR (Infra-red) LED, and it must be placed close to the IR detector of a robot. As a result, it helps in transmitting the commands provided by the user. Additionally, it can be controlled via Bluetooth up to an operating range of 30 feet.

The brainlink module is incorporated with the on-board accelerometer and light sensors. An inbuilt rechargeable battery is used to power the device. It also helps to attach many sensors and actuators to a robot with the help of its auxiliary connectors. In addition, it gets built-in full color LED and buzzer.

If the brainlink is installed to a Robosapien toy robot, it brings many added features to it than before. One sort of capability is that it can allow the robot to follow the flash light. This module can also help to avoid the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner from hitting the walls. Moreover, it can be connected to an Android smartphone for controlling the TV and other gadgets. All these capabilities are shown briefly in the below video.

The company has announced it to sell at a price of US $125. Overall, brainlink module will be a valuable invention for making your small robot work smarter.

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