Buy Robomow RL850 for its three exceptional benefits

Now, you can spend more time with your family during holidays instead of mowing your lawn. Because Robomow RL850 mows, you don’t. It is an innovative product from Friendly Robotics developed to cut grasses automatically with just one click. It is bundled with many exciting features, and this article sorts out the top three exceptional benefits of RL850 robomower.

#1 Automatic and Effective

The heavy-duty Robomower RL850 offers effective output with simple setup. It is a 21-inch mower system equipped with three high speed blades, which can cut any type of lawns at an area of up to 10, 800 square feet on a single charge. The high-cut blades can mow 1.75 to 3.25 inches lawn and 1.0 to 2.50 inches with low-cut blades.

At first, set the boundary to mow with a thin wire, which is included in the box. Then, just press ‘GO’ button, and see what happens later. It automatically starts cutting the grasses in a crisscross pattern within the limit set, and the result is an attractive manicured lawn.

#2 Grass-Cycling

The Robomow RL850 cuts grasses into thin pieces and spreads it over the lawn. This disperses of fine grass quickly decays and produces useful nutrients and water to the soil. As a result, your lawn is always kept healthier and greener with less requirement of water using grasscycling process. It also keeps your lawn away from drought, insects, and diseases.

#3 User-friendly and Safety

The Robomow RL850 includes several user-friendly and safety features like:

  • Child lock – Keeps your child safe
  • Theft protection system – Protects from an unauthorized use
  • On-board sensor  – Saves mower from hitting obstacles
  • Lift sensor – Stops blades rotation while lifted
  • Quiet operation – Very quiet during night as well
  • No pollution – Rechargeable

Additional Info:

  • Weight – 50 pounds (22.7 kg) without battery
  • Size – 26” w x 12.5” h x 35” d
  • Noise level – 85 db
  • Blade speed – 5800 rpm
  • Mowing power – Equivalent to 5-1/2 HP

Overall, buy one Robomow RL850 to get vacation from lawn mowing.

The below video brings you the demonstration of Robomow RL850:

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