Care-O-bot 3 household robot

Nowadays, both men and women are going to jobs for having a luxury life. On the other side, they require some of them to take care of their works in the home. For that reason, the scientists in Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering & Automation have developed a household robot called as Care-O-bot 3. This robot is mainly made for helping the human beings in the home.

The Care-O-bot 3 household robot measures just 1.45 meters of height. It has an arm on its right side, which is equipped with seven degrees of freedom. There are three fingers in its hand for providing fine grip to hold the cups, bottles, etc. The objects gripped by the fingers are placed in the tray, which is fitted in the front of the robot. After this process, the robot moves smoothly from the kitchen to the room and provides the coffee or juice to the peoples.

The Care-O-bot 3 household robot is built – in with several sensors for performing these tasks. They are:

  • Laser Scanners
  • Stereo Vision Color Cameras
  • Three dimensional Range Camera
  • Force Sensors
  • Touch Screen

The first three types will help the robot to see the location in the 3D views. If there is any movement near its hand’s rotational axis, it will stop quickly as soon as possible. With its four steered & driven wheels, it has got the capability to travel in any path. It also allows the robot to surpass the small ways at the home.

A force sensor is used to grip the objects with sufficient power. A touch screen is available in the tray for controlling the robot. It can also recognize the voice commands for performing an operation. These tasks are recorded in the database of the robot. Every object can be taught to the robot for making it familiar. It can be done by two ways:

  • Placing the objects on the hand of the robot
  • Saying the appearance or perfect place of an object.

Before concluding, I like to finish by saying that it will be a great helper of the household works.

For more details, visit Care-O-bot website

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