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Toshiba’s improved SCARA Robots – THL 300 & THL 400

The THL 300 & THL 400 SCARA series are the brand new small robots of Toshiba Machine. Both these series represent their respective names from their arm lengths such as 300 mm and 400 mm. It features die cast aluminum arms as like their previous THL models. But, the arms are designed lighter in weight […]

Rethink Robotics unveils user-friendly Baxter industrial robot

It has been a long time since we discussed about industrial robots. Now, we are back with a brilliant industrial robot called Baxter developed by Boston-based firm Rethink Robotics. This industrial robot is designed to serve its best in manufacturing jobs without any requirement of robotics professionals or software. All you want to do is […]

MIT researchers develop a new type of robotic gripper

In recent years, the robotic jamming gripper has shown their success in grasping different shaped objects. It also currently included the capability of shooting objects to some distance. Now, MIT researchers have taken this technology to one step ahead by developing a robotic arm with the ability to twist, bend, and hold like an elephant’s […]

RAIL Programming Language

RAIL is a high – level robot programming language developed by Automatix Inc in 1981 for controlling their Cybervision, Autovision, and Robovision systems. Cybervision system is designed for performing assembly operation, Autovision (Machine Vision) system for identification and inspection process, and Robovision system for Robot arc welding process. RAIL language includes three data types like […]

Industrial robot draws human image autonomously

If you generally think of industrial robots, you may suddenly get its operating capabilities like machine loading & unloading, welding, and other industrial works on your mind. But, an industrial robot developed by the artists of the robotlab group at the Centre for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany does sketching of a human’s face […]

Robotic universal jamming gripper helps to throw objects

The mechanical engineers of Cornell University and physicists of University of Chicago have developed a Robotic Universal Jamming Gripper for shooting objects to some distance. This capability certainly allows the robot to shoot balls into a basket, throw different materials into their respective bins, and even play archery. DARPA’s DSO (Defense Sciences Office) has supported […]

Training methods for an industrial robot vision system

During training period, various objects are made familiar to the vision system of the industrial robots. The extracted feature values of these known objects are stored in the vision system, and then compared with the feature values of unknown objects. Generally, there are two different methods for recognizing the objects in the industries such as: […]

Tools as end effectors

A tool is equipped in the robot for carrying out several operations on the work parts instead of grasping it. A tool acts as an end effector when it is attached directly to the robot’s wrist. In some applications, there will be a need for multi-tool task, and changing the tool all the time from […]

Robotic applications of a machine vision system

A machine vision system is employed in a robot for recognizing the objects. It is commonly used to perform the inspection functions in which the industrial robots are not involved. It is usually mounted in a high speed production line for accepting or rejecting the work parts. The rejected work parts will be removed by […]

Considerations in robot gripper selection and design

The industrial robots use grippers as an end effector for picking up the raw and finished work parts. A robot can perform good grasping of objects only when it obtains a proper gripper selection and design. Therefore, Joseph F. Engelberger, who is referred as Father of Robotics has described several factors that are required to […]