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Programmable Controllers

The programmable controllers can be used in the robot workcell when there is a need for a higher-level controller. The electromechanical relays are replaced by the introduction of programmable controllers (PC) on the year 1960. A programmable controller produces the output signals according to the logical and other operations carried on the input signals. It […]

Robot controller

Robot controller includes different types of control technology such as computer, electronic, and limited sequence controllers. Generally, there is only limited I/O capability on complicated types for interfacing with additional equipments. The purpose of I/O interface is to connect the interlocks in the workplace. The incoming signals are joined with the work cycle program by […]

Different levels of robot controller

A robot controller is used to decrease the errors of control signal to zero or somewhere close to zero. It can be classified into six different types namely: ON OFF control Proportional control Integral control Proportional plus Integral control (P – I) Proportional plus Derivative control (P – D) Proportional […]

Industrial Robot Control System

A robot must have a control system to operate its drive system, which is used to move the arm, wrist, and body of a robot at various paths. When different industrial robots are compared with their control system, they can be divided into four major types. They are: Limited Sequence Robots Playback Robots with Point […]