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MIT researchers develop a new type of robotic gripper

In recent years, the robotic jamming gripper has shown their success in grasping different shaped objects. It also currently included the capability of shooting objects to some distance. Now, MIT researchers have taken this technology to one step ahead by developing a robotic arm with the ability to twist, bend, and hold like an elephant’s […]

Robotic universal jamming gripper helps to throw objects

The mechanical engineers of Cornell University and physicists of University of Chicago have developed a Robotic Universal Jamming Gripper for shooting objects to some distance. This capability certainly allows the robot to shoot balls into a basket, throw different materials into their respective bins, and even play archery. DARPA’s DSO (Defense Sciences Office) has supported […]

Tools as end effectors

A tool is equipped in the robot for carrying out several operations on the work parts instead of grasping it. A tool acts as an end effector when it is attached directly to the robot’s wrist. In some applications, there will be a need for multi-tool task, and changing the tool all the time from […]

Considerations in robot gripper selection and design

The industrial robots use grippers as an end effector for picking up the raw and finished work parts. A robot can perform good grasping of objects only when it obtains a proper gripper selection and design. Therefore, Joseph F. Engelberger, who is referred as Father of Robotics has described several factors that are required to […]

Miscellaneous robot gripper types

The most commonly used three types of robot grippers in industrial applications are mechanical, vacuum, and magnetic grippers. Apart from these devices, there are also some other gripper types available such as adhesive, scoops, hooks, and inflatable bladder. Adhesive grippers: In this gripper, the adhesive body is used to grasp the fabric objects. It is […]

Mechanical gripper mechanisms

Robot mechanical grippers and its actuating mechanisms can be classified into several methods. The first method is based on the type of finger movement. During this arrangement, the opening and closing of the fingers can be actuated by either pivoting, or linear or translational movement. Pivoting movement: In this motion, the rotation of fingers is […]

Vacuum grippers

Vacuum grippers are used in the robots for grasping the non – ferrous objects. It uses vacuum cups as the gripping device, which is also commonly known as suction cups. This type of grippers will provide good handling if the objects are smooth, flat, and clean. It has only one surface for gripping the objects. […]

Robot magnetic grippers

Magnetic grippers are most commonly used in a robot as an end effector for grasping the ferrous materials. It is another type of handling the work parts other than the mechanical grippers and vacuum grippers. Types of magnetic grippers: The magnetic grippers can be classified into two common types, namely: Magnetic grippers with Electromagnets Permanent […]

Mechanical Grippers

A mechanical gripper is used as an end effector in a robot for grasping the objects with its mechanically operated fingers. In industries, two fingers are enough for holding purposes. More than three fingers can also be used based on the application. As most of the fingers are of replaceable type, it can be easily […]

End Effector – Robot’s Hand

An End Effector is considered as the “hand of a robot.” It is one of the important devices in a robot. It integrates an arm and a wrist, which helps it to perform several functions like material handling, pick and place, machine loading and unloading, etc. It is also known as EOA (End of Arm […]