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RAIL Programming Language

RAIL is a high level robot programming language developed by Automatix Inc in 1981 for controlling their Cybervision, Autovision, and Robovision systems. Cybervision system is designed for performing assembly operation, Autovision (Machine Vision) system for identification and inspection process, and Robovision system for Robot arc welding process. RAIL language includes three data types like […]

Programmable Controllers

The programmable controllers can be used in the robot workcell when there is a need for a higher-level controller. The electromechanical relays are replaced by the introduction of programmable controllers (PC) on the year 1960. A programmable controller produces the output signals according to the logical and other operations carried on the input signals. It […]

Operating system Robot textual languages

The operating system is used to perform several functions like writing, editing, executing a program, etc. in the robot textual languages. It also helps to increase the performance of the system to a larger extent. For processing a robot language program, an operating system will require an interpreter or compiler. An interpreter is used to […]

Robot Programming

According to the consistent performance by the robots in industries, the robot programming can be divided in two common types such as: Leadthrough Programming Method Textual Robot Languages Leadthrough Programming Method: During this programming method, the traveling of robots is based on the desired movements, and it is stored in the external controller memory. There […]

Robot Programming Languages

A robot will require a programming language for describing the operations that are to be done. Recently, there are plenty of robot programming languages available. Among them, five robot languages are commonly and basically used. They are: RAIL AML VAL AL RPL RAIL: RAIL will be a best language for controlling two major tasks such […]