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Uses of sensors in Robotics

The sensors are one of the useful technologies, which play a vital role in the robotics field. There are four important categories where uses of sensors are highly required in robotics such as: Safety monitoring Interlocking in work cell control Quality control in work part inspection Data collection of objects in the robot work cell […]

Electric motors AC servomotors and Stepper motors

Apart from DC servomotors, other two commonly used electric-type actuator in the robots are AC servomotors and Stepper motors. AC Servomotors: The AC servomotors are incorporated with a large resistance and small-sized rotor, which is mostly used for obtaining a perfect and quick response. The AC servomotors can be categorized into two different types such […]

Electric motors DC Servomotors

Nowadays, the electric motors are playing a major role as actuators in the robots. It is said so because they deliver high controllability with less maintenance. One of the most commonly used electric motors in the robots is DC servomotors. DC Servomotors: DC servomotors can be classified into two types such as: Brushed DC servomotors […]

Robotic actuators – Hydraulic and Pneumatic

The actuators are used in the robots for providing the power to the robot joints. It can be powered by anyone of the following sources: Hydraulic pressurized fluid Pneumatic compressed air Electric electricity Hydraulic and Pneumatic actuators: Both hydraulic and pneumatic actuators use moving fluids for powering a device. Here, the fluid […]

Position Sensors

Position sensors are used in robotics for sensing and controlling the arm position. These types of devices are available in plenty and the three most widely used devices are: Encoders Potentiometers Resolvers Encoders: Encoders are used for converting the angular or linear displacement into the digital signals. Some types of encoders are: Linear encoders: It […]

Velocity Sensors

A most important device that is used to provide velocity feedback is the tachometer. It is also known as rpm gauge, and revolution counter. A tachometer is employed in a motor to calculate the rotational speed of a shaft. The output is displayed as RPM (revolution per minute) in an analog device. Nowadays, the use […]

Components used for robot actuation and feedback

In a robot, some of the devices are used as the components of a robot control system for providing feedback and control actions in order to control the manipulator. Such devices are: Feedback devices: Position Sensors Velocity Sensors Actuation devices: Actuators Power Transmission Systems Position and Velocity Sensors: Position sensors are the feedback devices used […]

Sensors used in Robotics

The use of sensors in robots has taken them into the next level of creativity. Most importantly, the sensors have increased the performance of robots to a large extent. It also allows the robots to perform several functions like a human being. The robots are even made intelligent with the help of Visual Sensors (generally […]