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Industrial robot draws human image autonomously

If you generally think of industrial robots, you may suddenly get its operating capabilities like machine loading & unloading, welding, and other industrial works on your mind. But, an industrial robot developed by the artists of the robotlab group at the Centre for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany does sketching of a human’s face […]

Training methods for an industrial robot vision system

During training period, various objects are made familiar to the vision system of the industrial robots. The extracted feature values of these known objects are stored in the vision system, and then compared with the feature values of unknown objects. Generally, there are two different methods for recognizing the objects in the industries such as: […]

Robotic applications of a machine vision system

A machine vision system is employed in a robot for recognizing the objects. It is commonly used to perform the inspection functions in which the industrial robots are not involved. It is usually mounted in a high speed production line for accepting or rejecting the work parts. The rejected work parts will be removed by […]

Automated inspection

Inspection is a quality control process that is concerned with the checking or testing of work parts against the certain conditions described by the design engineer. Inspection is performed in both incoming raw work parts and as well as finished work parts. Another quality control operation that is related with inspection function is the Testing. […]

Machine Vision System

Machine vision system is a sensor used in the robots for viewing and recognizing an object with the help of a computer. It is mostly used in the industrial robots for inspection purposes. This system is also known as artificial vision or computer vision. It has several components such as a camera, digital computer, digitizing […]