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Spray Painting Robot

Every metallic material will be painted at the final stage of production in order to protect it from corrosion. In an automobile industry, the finished metals are painted with different colors for attracting the customers. In olden days, this painting process was done by two methods such as spray coating and immersion & flow coating […]

Arc Welding Robot

The purpose of an arc welding robot is to fuse two metals by creating an electric arc between the work piece and electrode. It is a continuous process used to weld long joints. The electrode will emit sufficient electric current, which will be in a range of 5 500 amps or 10 30 […]

Spot Welding Robot

A robot that is used for fusing two sheet metal parts together by applying huge electric current at a preferred point is called as Spot Welding Robot. It uses a couple of copper alloys for passing the electric current to a welding part. This robot is one of the frequently used processes in the manufacturing […]