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Error detection and recovery in robot workcell

Error detection and recovery includes two elements such as: Error detection Error recovery The detection problem involves the use of suitable sensors for identifying the error occurred in an operation. In addition, the sensor signals are read by the related intelligence in order to classify the errors accurately. The error recovery system helps in providing […]

Interlocks in robot workcell

An interlock works as a sensor in a robot workcell for permitting the work cycle sequence to continue only after the preferred conditions are satisfied. It can be used to perform the following significant functions in a robot cell: It checks whether the work part is placed at the accurate location in the conveyor for […]

Electromechanical relays

There are several methods available for satisfying the requirements of a robot workcell controller. In this case, the electromechanical relays are one of the methods that can be incorporated as a robot control device. Other than this device, the robot controllers, computers, and programmable controllers can also be used. A control device that actuates electrical […]

A computer acts as a robot workcell controller

In some cases, a digital computer will be a very suitable device as a workcell control system for controlling several types of robots. Generally, a computer is incorporated either in sequence or alternative with a programmable controller. A time sharing operation mode is the period when the computer is used to control the robot cell. […]

Robot workcell controller

Robot workcell controller (also known as the robot workstation controller) is employed for controlling the different activities that take place successively or simultaneously in the workplace. It also includes one important aspect of providing safety to the human operators. There are three types of tasks carried out by the workcell controller such as: Sequence Control […]

Safety in robot work cell layout

In a robot cell layout, several safety measures can be implemented for protecting the human operators from physical damages. Some of them are: Constructing physical barriers between robot and human workers. Emergency stop buttons. Laying out the equipment within the work cell. One of the commonly used safety measures in a work cell layout is […]

In-Line robot work cell

An In-Line robot cell arrangement has a movable conveyor with the work parts. This conveyor travels near the robots for performing a function on the work parts. This type of arrangement is mostly used in the automobile industries for assembling the car bodies. To be more specific, the robots are placed beside the assembly line […]

Mobile robot work cells

Mobile robot work cell comes under the category of the robot cell layouts. Robot-centered work cell and In-line robot work cell are also one of the categories in this cell design. In the mobile robot work cells, the robots are arranged to move at different places in the cell. It is made possible by attaching […]

Robot-centered work cell

In industries, the working unit of a robot can be prepared in three different arrangements such as: Robot-centered work cell Mobile robot work cell In-line robot work cell In this article, the first arrangement (Robot-centered cell) is described briefly below: Design of Robot-centered cell: Robot-centered cell is one of the commonly used layouts in the […]