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Robotics Training in Chennai – JAY Robotics Club

Website URL: Want to learn Robotics right from scratch? Are you living anywhere near Chennai? Are you looking for a best Robotics training institute in Chennai?

Buy Educational Robots Online

Website URL: At mhobbies, you will find a large selection of robot products. You will also find extensive robot parts, Arduino robots and even robotic kits. So you can begin building your own custom educational robot application. Log in now, buy robot parts and start building your own robots.

Robotics Ukraine

Website URL: If your mother tongue is Russian and you are very much interested in robots, then the above link would definitely help you. One great highlight of this website is that it contains step by step instructions on developing various Arduino based robots and more. Overall, Robotics Ukraine is all about robots on […]

Planet Robotics

Website url: Robotics Planet is aggregating the coolest news and feeds from research, robotics blogs and news sites.

Robotics, Vision & Control

Website url: If you’re interested in doing robotics and machine vision using MATLAB, then the above link could be a handy reference for you. It is an open access book written by Peter Corke.

Updates of NAO humanoid robot The site linked above is the official website of the NAO humanoid robot. It keeps you updated with all the latest news, pictures, videos, and more about this little impressive robot.

Android (Human like Robot) This is the place that shows you the details about Android (Human like Robot).

Info about ASIMO Humanoid Robot This website will give you all information about the ASIMO Humanoid Robot.