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Grasping in Robotics

Grasping in Robotics is a book edited by Giuseppe Carbone, who is an expert and has wide knowledge in this field. This robotics book is packed with complete information about the field of grasping in robotics. It could be a good reference book for the researchers of robotic grippers as it covers the mechanical design […]

The Future of Humanoid Robots Research and Applications

This robotics book was edited by Riadh Zaier, which covers the latest researches and applications presented in the area of humanoid robots. The editor has vast R&D experience in the field of humanoid robots, and it has certainly helped him to provide a best book for the robotic readers. This book has a total of […]

Self-organizing robots

It always feels good to discuss about a useful robotics book as we do normally. In that lineup, today we have got Self-Organizing Robots, which brings a concept of reorganizing a machine automatically according to the environment. The main aim of this book is to make it possible with the help of recent mechanical engineering. […]

Industrial Robotics: Theory, Modeling and Control

We feel happy to bring you this interesting book, which includes the latest technologies implemented in industrial robotics. Industrial Robotics: Theory, Modeling and Control, was edited by Dr. Sam Cubero, Head & Course Coordinator of Mechatronic Engineering at Curtin University of Technology, Australia. It covers more than 30 impressive topics related to industrial robotics, sensors, […]

Advances in Robotics and Virtual Reality

Robotics, an emerging field in this modern world has found solutions for almost every problem that are possible and impossible by humans. Behind this great achievement, there are many robotics researches done on various applications. To make a note of several latest inventions, the Advances in Robotics and Virtual Reality book has been edited by […]

Snake Robots

Snake Robots is a robotics book that brings you topics based on locomotion and operating mechanisms of snake robots in challenging areas. It mainly covers mathematical modeling methods, Mechatronic design and implementation, and control design plans of snake robots. Such robots could be used in the future for performing several operations like: Search and Rescue […]

Robot Motion and Control 2011

If you are person searching for a book containing the latest researches done in robot motion and control, then you can go for Robot Motion and Control 2011. This robotics book includes 40 papers presented at the Sixth International Workshop on Robot Motion and Control, Poland on June 2011. Robot Motion and Control 2011 discuss […]

Robotic Systems Applications, Control, and Programming

Ashish Dutta, the editor of Robotic Systems book brings you several latest researches done on Robot Applications, Control, and Programming. This robotic book covers three major areas such as: Robotic Surgery, Rehabilitation, and Self-assembly. Exoskeleton Control and interaction of robots with others. Vision System and Ultrasonic Sensors. Apart from these areas, this robotic book also […]

Robotics Research

Robotics Research is a book consisting of presentations published at the 14th ISRR (International Symposium of Robotic Research). For your information, the ISRR is an event of the IFRR (International Foundation of Robotic Research), which takes place every two years. The fourteenth edition of this biennial meeting was happened at Lucerne, Switzerland (31-Aug-2009 to 3-Sep-2009). […]

Advanced Mechanics in Robotic Systems

Advanced Mechanics in Robotic System is a book for those who are very much interested to know the mechanical techniques for designing their own robot models. It was written by Prof. Nestor Eduardo Nava Rodriguez of Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain. This book includes mechanical designs with various diagrams, flow charts, and tables. It […]