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Mobile Controlled Robot via GSM

Controlling a robot wirelessly is possible with several methods such as Remote, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. But, the controls of these communication methods are limited to certain areas, and complicated to design as well. To overcome these difficulties, we have come up with a Mobile Controlled Robot. A Mobile Controlled Robot is a mobile device, which […]

Stay connected with robots via IEEE Spectrum’s iPad App

IEEE Spectrum, an award-winning Automation Blog unleashes its first iPad App for Robots on iTunes. This app is packed with several astonishing features, which will certainly grab the attention of all the robotics lovers. Moreover, its appearance and performance will attract the people those have less interest in robotics. This app includes the complete details […]

The BFS Auto Robot can scan books at high speed & high definition

Nowadays, eBooks have become more popular after the arrival of Smartphones and Tablets. A couple of difficulties usually frustrate while scanning hundreds and thousands of books such as long scanning time and possibility of damages. To eliminate these problems, the University of Tokyo’s Ishikawa Oku laboratory has come up with BFS Auto Robot. The BFS […]

iRobot designs a soft hand with robust feature

iRobot, a well-known developer of home cleaning robot designs a soft, strong and compliant robotic hand. Usually, most of the robotic hands are made rigid, and they require high precision to grasp the objects. In order to eliminate it, iRobot researchers have come up with this soft robotic hand for DARPA ARM (Autonomous Robotic Manipulation) Program. […]

Top three reasons to have one iRobot Scooba 390 in your home

The all new Scooba 390 is a premium product of iRobot, which does four-stage cleaning process like prep, wash, scrub, and squeeze to wash your floors. It is one of the best Scooba products in the lineup with a simplified design and long battery life. The company has incorporated several interesting benefits, and we will […]

Edge Avoider Robot

Introduction: Edge Avoider Robot (EAR) is a mobile device, which senses and avoids the absence of surface below it. This simple concept was designed by our RB researchers in order to help your robot to protect from falling. As like our previous robotic projects, this robot is also made without microcontroller to make everyone more […]

Alissa – Russia’s first female android

In this modern world, Android has been expected to be the future of robotics, and Neurobotics and Russia 2045 movement also expects the same to happen by 2045. A little impact of it is shown from the development of Alissa, which is considered as the Russia’s first realistic female android head. It was developed by […]

Chiba Robotic Wheelchair uses its wheels as legs

Prof. Shuro Nakajima and his team members at the Chiba Institute of Technology has developed a Robotic Wheel Chair to climb steps and overcome the obstacles on its path. It normally works on wheels, and when any obstacles are sensed, the robot uses its wheels as legs to go pass it. This robotic wheelchair is equipped […]

Harvard revealed latest testing of Robobees at IROS 2012

Robobee (Robotic Bee) is a Micro Air Vehicle inspired by the biology of a bee. It is on the development phase for past five years, and Harvard researchers have managed to make them fly under their own strength. But, they couldn’t really take off the robot to where they want. The researchers have been working […]

Rethink Robotics unveils user-friendly Baxter industrial robot

It has been a long time since we discussed about industrial robots. Now, we are back with a brilliant industrial robot called Baxter developed by Boston-based firm Rethink Robotics. This industrial robot is designed to serve its best in manufacturing jobs without any requirement of robotics professionals or software. All you want to do is […]