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Autonomous Quadrotor MeCam streams video to your Smartphone

Always Innovating, a well known company for its Touch Book and Smart Book has come up with a new flying video camera called as MeCam. It is a palm-sized autonomous quadrotor that has four spinning rotors to keep them aloft. It is capable of following you by itself to stream live video to your smartphone. […]

Harvard revealed latest testing of Robobees at IROS 2012

Robobee (Robotic Bee) is a Micro Air Vehicle inspired by the biology of a bee. It is on the development phase for past five years, and Harvard researchers have managed to make them fly under their own strength. But, they couldn’t really take off the robot to where they want. The researchers have been working […]

Robotic ray can swim quickly with its flying motion

Robotic Ray is an autonomous underwater vehicle developed by Professor Hilary Bart-Smith of University of Virginia and her colleagues of other three universities. As like manta ray and sting ray, the robotic ray also joins the family of swimming with a flying motion. The main aim of this invention is to help humans for exploring […]

Nimbus lab quadrotors can power devices wirelessly

Brent Griffin and Carrick Detweiler of Nimbus Lab at University of Nebraska-Lincoln have designed the quadrotors for charging the electronic devices wirelessly on the fly. According to them, when the quadrotors flies, it will send up to five watts at 25 centimeters, and it will be a great source for powering the light. The researchers […]

Micro helicopters get new way of navigation

In recent years, flying robots have managed to obtain bulky, heavy, and GPS or remote control navigation system. This achievement may be a great one, but it still had some of the drawbacks. Therefore, researchers at ETH Zurich started EU project sFly in 2009 to develop flying robots that can surpass these disadvantages. Recently, the […]

Swarm of quadrotors play James Bond theme music

At late January, the researchers of GRASP (General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception) lab at University of Pennsylvania released a video of their nano quadrotors with various complex formations. This video now has over 5.5 millions views, which certainly shows the success of this robotic flying device. After this achievement, the researchers have recently displayed […]

GRASP’s Nano Quadrotors performed various complex formations

Nano Quadrotor is a robotic flying device developed by Alex Kushleyev, Vijay Kumar, and Daniel Mellinger at the GRASP (General Robotics, Automation, Sensing, and Perception) lab, University of Pennsylvania. They have recently released a video of their new invention with different complex formations. This flying device is named with ‘nano’ because of its small-sized appearance. […]

Quadrocopters to construct six – meter high tower

Robot designer Raffaello D’Andrea and Architects Gramazio & Kohler have planned to build a six – meter high tower completely by the flying robots known as ‘Quadrocopters’. France’s FRAC centre in Orleans will host an exhibition from 2nd December, 2011 to 19th February, 2012 under the title “Flight Assembled Architecture.” The tower that is to […]