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Neato Unveils XV Signature Series with High Vacuum Power

Neato Robotics, a Silicon Valley company founded on an idea to create robots to free people from household chores. Their first robot was released in 2010, and today, the intelligent laser guidance system acts as the heart of all Neato robotic vacuums. 3 / 5 ( 1 vote )

Keep your Swimming Pool Clean with iRobot Mirra 530

Mirra 530 is a pool cleaning robot which is capable of cleaning your pool surface and water thoroughly with its iAdapt Nautiq Responsive Cleaning Technology. iRobot has announced this brand new robot on January 4, 2013. It is the third pool cleaning robot developed after the introduction of Verro 300 and the Verro 500.

Chiba Robotic Wheelchair uses its wheels as legs

Prof. Shuro Nakajima and his team members at the Chiba Institute of Technology has developed a Robotic Wheel Chair to climb steps and overcome the obstacles on its path. It normally works on wheels, and when any obstacles are sensed, the robot uses its wheels as legs to go pass it. This robotic wheelchair is equipped […]

Thymio II enhances your child’s creativity

Thymio II is an educational robot developed by the researchers at EPFL Lausanne in Switzerland. It doesn’t cost much, just $100, and you can spend your valuable money in this robot to help your child to learn many new things instead of making them a bookworm. Thymio II is incorporated with several sensors and actuators […]

Double Robotics takes video calling to next level

Double is an iPad-faced robot, developed to enjoy the realistic eye to eye contact remotely. Other video calling services like Skype also offer this facility, but Double takes it to modern level. Instead of being in a video conference room, the wheels in the Double allow you to move at various places freely, and give […]

HERB robot can microwave your meal

In this modern world, the development of robots is mostly focused on technical areas like industries, military, etc. than the real-world applications. As a result, we are lacking the help of robots in our day to day life. It could be a big disappointment to many of the robot lovers. To make you happy, Siddhartha […]

Printable robots could make way to develop your own robot

The printable robots are developed by the group effort of researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Pennsylvania, and Harvard University. This five-year project is titled as ‘An Expedition in Computing for Compiling Printable Programmable Machines.’ It is funded by a US $10 million grant from the NSF (National Science Foundation). This MIT-led […]

DarwinBot keeps you connected with your pet anytime

Nowadays, dogs are left alone in the home for the whole day as many of the husbands and wives started to work full time. They required some of them to provide food and play with their loved dogs. But, it was almost impossible before the invention of DarwinBot. DarwinBot was built by a Microsoft Robotics […]

Oculus telepresence robot uses netbook as brain

An Oculus telepresence robot permits a user to communicate via video conferencing with other peoples present at another place, and also allow the user to move it around that place. It uses an existing netbook as its ears, eyes, mouth, and even as its brain. This robot was made by a Canadian Industrial Designer called […]

Brainlink makes simple robots to work smarter

The brainlink module is introduced by a Carnegie Mellon Spin-off Company called as BridBrain Technologies. It is mainly developed for providing additional capabilities to the simple robots such as household robots, toy robots, etc. The programs written on the laptops or Android smartphones can be sent to the brainlink through a Bluetooth connection. After this […]