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Strong Limbed SCHAFT Robot gets displayed

Is it possible to develop a robot with superhuman strength? Most of them will say yes, but it is not that much easy as we see in Hollywood films. To create a high-powered robot requires powerful electric motors, which are lacking for long years. Even Honda’s ASIMO is capable of picking up a few kilograms. […]

Alissa – Russia’s first female android

In this modern world, Android has been expected to be the future of robotics, and Neurobotics and Russia 2045 movement also expects the same to happen by 2045. A little impact of it is shown from the development of Alissa, which is considered as the Russia’s first realistic female android head. It was developed by […]

Disney invents a new face cloning method for robots

For long years, the robotics researchers have succeeded in developing humanoid robots, but failed in bringing the natural human faces and expressions. Therefore, Disney’s researchers at Switzerland have come out with a ‘face cloning’ technique, which provides the most realistic facial expressions to the animatronic robots. This technique uses 3D Motion Capture Technology for scanning […]

fMRI allows robot to read human thoughts remotely

The fMRI, known as Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a machine that can perform unbelievable things like recording videos of your dreams, enlightening innovative skills during sleeping, etc. Now, Israeli researchers have used it in controlling a robot remotely through human thoughts. The fMRI is capable of calculating the activities of brain instantaneously by recognizing […]

Mobot makes robot construction easy and inexpensive

If you are the person who likes to build robots of your own, then you need to keep an eye on this article. A company called Barobo, Inc has developed a robotic kit known as Mobot, which can certainly make your robot construction easy and inexpensive. Mobot is an educational robot that develops student education […]

Robo-Glove reduces astronauts and autoworkers repetitive stress injuries

Robo-Glove is a robotic wearable device developed by NASA and General Motors (GM) for minimizing the repetitive stress injuries of astronauts and autoworkers. Generally, when a person holds a tool for longer time, he may feel fatigue in his hand muscles. By wearing the Robo-Glove, the wearer will be capable of gripping the tool continuously […]

Nao robot avatar brushes a cat remotely

Taylor Veltrop, a software engineer has crafted the teleoperation of a robot for brushing a cat. Before entering into this topic, you should watch the below video to see how the Nao humanoid robot brushes a cat. This would quickly help you to get stick with this interesting invention. I feel that you will be […]

Next generation NAO humanoid robot gets impressive features

Recently, NAO humanoid robot was attracted by many peoples in the Robotville festival 2011. Now, this little attractive robot is upgraded with several impressive features by Aldebaran Robotics. When compared with its older version, the outside part of the new version has not got much difference. However, there are various exciting changes made in the […]

Robotville festival shows over 20 robots

The celebration of the most exciting Robotville festival has been successfully finished at London’s Science Museum today. It was a free event that had more than 20 innovative robots, which was demonstrated by their own creators. There were many astonishing inventions such as Cockroach Robot, Shadow Dexterous Hand, Dexmart, Pressure – Sensing Fish, and several […]

Latest ASIMO humanoid robot gets revealed

Apart from many humanoid robots, ASIMO seems to be the most favorite one to the majority of peoples. The main reason was its ability to perform several tasks almost like a human being. Now this most advanced humanoid robot in the world is upgraded with some additional superior features, and they were recently revealed by […]