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KASPAR (Kinesics and Synchronisation in Personal Assistant Robotics) is a human-like child robot especially made for children with autism by the researchers at University of Hertfordshire. The cost took to build this robot was around $2118 USD (1300 pounds). It is still under experimental stage, and it is weekly once taken to the children for […]

Japanese scientist reveals a robot with “Thinking” capability

Generally, most of the robots available now are programmed to do its works. This process is very effective in making the robots to perform every task, but it is certainly impossible to program for all occasions. As a result, a new system that helps the robots to ‘think’ was invented by Osamu Hasegawa, a Japanese […]

Meka’s robot gets expressive eyes

According to me, the humanoid robots are the most fascinating and useful innovation in this world. The reason is that the appearance of these robots, and their way of walking, talking, running, and other features are almost similar to a human being. Apart from these features, the humanoid robots lack a major thing. They are […]

Technical features of ASIMO humanoid robot

ASIMO humanoid robot was created by Honda engineers, and it is considered as the “Most Advanced Humanoid Robot in the World.” This robot can perform several tasks such as walking, talking, running, dancing, and so on, just like a human being. It is built up with light weight objects, 34 DOF (degree of freedom), 34 […]