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Harvard revealed latest testing of Robobees at IROS 2012

Robobee (Robotic Bee) is a Micro Air Vehicle inspired by the biology of a bee. It is on the development phase for past five years, and Harvard researchers have managed to make them fly under their own strength. But, they couldn’t really take off the robot to where they want. The researchers have been working […]

Cockroach-inspired DASH robot runs rapidly on reverse direction

Generally, the robotics researchers use to add new qualities to the robots from the inspiration of insects or animals. It has been a successive attempt, and some robots of this type are Robojelly (jellyfish-inspired robot), Tailbot (lizard-inspired robot), Scalybot 2 (snake-inspired robot), etc. Now, UC Berkley’s biologists have developed a DASH robot, which mimics the disappearing […]

Mobot makes robot construction easy and inexpensive

If you are the person who likes to build robots of your own, then you need to keep an eye on this article. A company called Barobo, Inc has developed a robotic kit known as Mobot, which can certainly make your robot construction easy and inexpensive. Mobot is an educational robot that develops student education […]

Scalybot 2 replicates the movements of snake

Scalybot 2 is an all-terrain robot developed by Hamid Marvi, who is a Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering) candidate at Georgia Tech. The rectilinear locomotion of snakes was the inspiration to create this robot. Recently, it was revealed at the SICB (Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology) annual meeting in Charleston, South Carolina. Marvi developed this robot […]

Robots teaches deciphering communication

Laurent Keller of the UNIL (University of Lausanne), and Steffen Wischmann and Dario Floreano of the EPFL performed a combined experiment on the development of an enhanced communication system by using the robots. This project can help in providing a superior communication within the animal territory. This research was supported by Swiss National Science Foundation […]

Tailbot – A robotic car with tail

The researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, have observed that the lizards are using their tails to control their body position when they jump through the air. This study has helped them to create a small tailed robotic car called as Tailbot, which could be highly useful for search and rescue operations. The biologists […]

Limb-mechanism robot “Asterisk” includes grasping capabilities

Asterisk, a six-legged limb-mechanism robot is capable of performing two significant functions such as manipulation and transportation of the objects. The appearance of this robot looks similar to an insect. As it equals 60o intervals in all directions of the body, it gets the name of Asterisk. It is created by the Arai Robotics Lab […]