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Raven II surgical robots

Raven II is the name given to the surgery robot, which was developed by the researchers of University of Washington and the University of California, Santa Cruz. They designed seven Raven II robots (three of these robots are shown in the left picture) with the fund provided by the National Science Foundation. Raven II is […]

A robotic system helps to perform brain surgery

A neurosurgeon performing a keyhole neurosurgery makes a burr hole on the patient’s head for accessing the brain. Several conditions like hydrocephalus, Tourette syndrome, tumors, and epilepsy can be cleared by this process. During this operation, the neurosurgeon must be very careful because a small slip will cause a huge damage to the brain. To […]

Robotic eye surgery system

Thijs Meenink, a researcher and Ph.D. student of Netherlands’ Eindhoven University of Technology has invented ‘Robotic Eye Surgery System’ for performing eye operations. This system is somewhat similar to the da Vinci robotic surgery system. For your information, da Vinci robotic surgery system has a chair in which the surgeon sits to operate a patient […]