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Harvard revealed latest testing of Robobees at IROS 2012

Robobee (Robotic Bee) is a Micro Air Vehicle inspired by the biology of a bee. It is on the development phase for past five years, and Harvard researchers have managed to make them fly under their own strength. But, they couldn’t really take off the robot to where they want. The researchers have been working […]

Microrobot can walk and jump on water like water striders

Prof. Qinmin Pan and his team members developed the first bio-inspired microrobot that can walk and jump on water without dipping. This exciting concept was inspired from the water striders, and they float on the water surface by maintaining equal body weight along with their elongated minute-haired legs. This microrobot has three supporting and two […]

A MSU researcher develops jumping mini-robot

Nowadays, most of the mini-robots get wheels for their quick locomotion. However, this type of locomotion will be a handy device in the flat land only. When it comes to rugged terrain locomotion, mini-robots with jumping capability will be an ideal one. To make it possible, Jianguo Zhao, a graduate student at Michigan State University […]

Inexpensive tiny Kilobots are coming

Kilobots are the tiny robots, which are developed for making the robotic swarming performance ease and inexpensive. It also gives the idea of implementing many number of robots in the same experiment simultaneously. This innovative Kilobot was created by the Self Organizing System Research group of Harvard University. Now, it has been licensed to the […]