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DARPA LS3 Robot Moves to New Heights with New Additional Features

DARPA has recently revealed a video of Legged Squad Support System (LS3) with new exciting features. The main purpose of LS3 is to carry a high payload from one place to another in a battle field. Besides, the researchers have added more value to it with numerous stuffs like high carrying capacity up to 400 […]

iRobot 710 Warrior is ready for action

iRobot is a company which is well-known for its Roomba robotic vacuum. It has developed several useful robots like 110 FIRSTLOOK, 210 NEGOTIATOR, 510 PACKBOT, and so on. In this line up, the company has now included the updated version of Warrior 700 robot called as 710 Warrior. It is capable of carrying heavy payloads, […]

Novatiq designs SCORP throwable robot

Novatiq, a Swiss company is ready to rock the robotics field with its first SCORP throwable robot. It is a rough, lightweight, and small Micro Unmanned Ground Vehicle (MUGV) especially made for scouting and surveillance applications. Features of SCORP robot: SCORP is designed at a compact size of 34 cm long, 27 cm wide and […]

HyQ Hydraulically actuated quadruped robot

HyQ is a hydraulically actuated quadruped robot, which can run, jump, and as well as travel in the uneven terrains. It was developed by Professor Darwin Caldwell and his team members in the Department of Advanced Robotics at IIT (Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia). Features: HyQ robot has a weight of 90 kilograms with the on […]

Boston Dynamics unveils AlphaDog military robot

Boston Dynamics has shown the capabilities of their new AlphaDog quadruped robot in the IROS 2011 event last month at San Francisco. It was first known as the LS3 (Legged Squad Support System) robot. This robot is developed with the help of DARPA and US Marine Corps funds. It is considered as the big brother […]

Bomb disposal robot

In this modern world, the significance of security force robots has been increased to a larger extent. Among them, the bomb disposal robot seems to be the most important one to be incorporated in the military, bomb squad, and other security departments for saving many valuable lives. Keeping this on mind, the University of Greenwich […]