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Daniel123 Qbo robot recognized Jane234 Qbo robot

Qbo robot was developed by Francisco Paz, and his Madrid based team called as the Corpora. At first, the developers successfully trained a Qbo to find itself in a mirror (an image of this performance is shown in the left picture). After this success, now they have moved one step forward by making two Qbo […] – A social networking site for robots is a new Facebook-like website developed especially for the robots. It will act as a portal for the robot inventors and owners to get connected with their robots. As a result, they are capable of controlling their robots by checking its current status. This site was launched by the, which is the most […]

Ant-Roach makes inflatable robots possible

Ant-Roach is a six-legged walking inflatable robot designed by Otherlab group in San Francisco. Its name came from the first three letters of anteater and last five letters of cockroach. This project is created under the name ‘pneubotics’ for illustrating the capabilities of inflatable robots. It is built with the help of some funding provided […]

TBCP – II wall climbing robot

The researchers of Simon Fraser University in Burnaby have developed a wall climbing robot called as TBCP – II (Timeless Belt Climbing Platform) by the inspiration of gecko. The TBCP II is a tank-like robot, which is capable of traveling in the vertical surfaces very easily. It can also move over outside (as shown on […]

Bionic leg provides natural gait

A team led by Professor Michael Goldfarb has developed a superior prosthetic limb. They were working hard for past seven years in the Center for Intelligent Mechatronics at the Vanderbilt University. They required a person with a loss of leg for having real tests. In that situation, they were fortunate to have Craig Hutto (23 […]

Robot gets another method to handle objects and recognize new places

Ashutosh Saxena, the Asst. professor of Computer Science in Cornell’s Personal Robotics Lab and his team members has developed a robot that is capable of learning different shapes of objects and new places. This robot was revealed on 27th June, 2011 at the University of Southern California. How does it perform? Recognizing new places: This […]

Latest safety method for robots

The robots are currently playing an important role in almost every application. It has been proven to be a great invention in several fields like medical, military, production industries, and so on. Moreover, it is a dangerous machine when there is any contact between the human workers and the robots. For example: in the industries, […]

Bio Mechatronic Hand – a human like hand for Robots

Bio Mechatronic Hand is concerned with the creation of human-like hands for the humanoid robots. The goal of Bio Mechatronic Hand is to develop artificial hands with less noise, light weight, natural appearance, high controllability, and low energy consumption. This can be achieved by incorporating an integrated design of actuation, mechanism, control, and sensing. Some […]