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Nanorobots could keep you young and healthy

Everyone will usually think to be young even they get aged. This could someday become real with the help of nanorobots. Robert Freitas hopes that if this technology grows up, then aged appearance could be replaced to a biological age every year. In a magazine article, he has explained how this will be made possible. […]

Power sources of nanorobots

Nanorobots are mostly used in medical applications to cure critical problems of a patient. In this case, the nanorobots are sent inside a human body and made to swim in the blood using powering systems. As like navigation systems, the powering systems of nanorobots also use internal or external power sources. Internal power source: A […]

Navigation of nanorobots

Nanorobot is one of the most useful inventions in the nanotechnology field. It is typically made to cure medical problems of a patient. This includes repairing DNA structures, clearing blockages in the coronary arteries, breaking stones in the kidney, and so on. Nanorobots are sent inside the human body to perform these tasks (an image […]

Short notes on NANOROBOTICS

NANOROBOTICS is the latest technology that is used for developing minute robots below the range of 10-9 meters. It is one of the important categories of nanotechnology. It is also referred as NANITES, NANOBOTS, NANOMITES, and NANOIDS. After micro machines, nanorobotics is considered as the next level of miniaturization. Nanorobots in medical applications: The […]