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Microrobot can walk and jump on water like water striders

Prof. Qinmin Pan and his team members developed the first bio-inspired microrobot that can walk and jump on water without dipping. This exciting concept was inspired from the water striders, and they float on the water surface by maintaining equal body weight along with their elongated minute-haired legs. This microrobot has three supporting and two […]

Robotic ray can swim quickly with its flying motion

Robotic Ray is an autonomous underwater vehicle developed by Professor Hilary Bart-Smith of University of Virginia and her colleagues of other three universities. As like manta ray and sting ray, the robotic ray also joins the family of swimming with a flying motion. The main aim of this invention is to help humans for exploring […]

TEX II could explore lakes of other planets

TEX II (Tucson Explorer II) is an autonomous robotic lake lander developed by Wolfgang Fink at the University of Arizona. It is typically designed to explore lakes of liquid hydrocarbon in Saturns largest moon called as Titan. It could also be used in other applications like hazardous cleanup, harbor surveillance, environmental research, and search and […]

Robotic underwater vehicle mimics jellyfish motion

The researchers of Virginia Tech developed a robotic underwater vehicle called as Robojelly. As this jellyfish-inspired robot is powered by hydrogen and oxygen in the water, it never runs out of energy. It is currently in the initial stage, and expected to be used in underwater rescue and surveillance operations. Yonas Tadesse, an author of […]

Unmanned Wave Gliders are swimming across Pacific Ocean

The Wave Gliders are the remotely-piloted robotic boats designed by the Liquid Robotics. On 17th November 2011, four unmanned Wave Gliders have begun their 300-day trip across the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco. At first, four of them will navigate to Hawaii. There from one pair goes to Australia, and the other two travels to […]