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iRobot designs a soft hand with robust feature

iRobot, a well-known developer of home cleaning robot designs a soft, strong and compliant robotic hand. Usually, most of the robotic hands are made rigid, and they require high precision to grasp the objects. In order to eliminate it, iRobot researchers have come up with this soft robotic hand for DARPA ARM (Autonomous Robotic Manipulation) Program. […]

EPFL designs soft modular robots

Currently, hard building modules and rigid connection systems require mechanical flexibility during inclusion of modules. This mechanism can provide stability and controllability, but reduces the flexibility. As a result, EPFL’s Laboratory of Intelligent System (LIS) has developed soft modular robots to overcome this problem. Modular robots are fabricated with soft and floating modules, which are […]

MIT researchers develop a new type of robotic gripper

In recent years, the robotic jamming gripper has shown their success in grasping different shaped objects. It also currently included the capability of shooting objects to some distance. Now, MIT researchers have taken this technology to one step ahead by developing a robotic arm with the ability to twist, bend, and hold like an elephant’s […]

Harvard’s scientists introduced multigait flexible robot

In most cases, if we think of a robot, suddenly two common things come to our mind such as its rigid structure and metal body appearance. But, here is a totally different and new kind of robot introduced by the scientists of Harvard University, which is flexible and soft. The construction of this robot took […]