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Cheetah robot breaks its own land-speed record

The above video brings you the new land-speed record of DARPA’s Cheetah robot. Earlier this year, it has been named as World’s Fastest Four-Legged Robot for its 18 mph run on a treadmill. Now, it has outrun Usain Bolt’s World Record of 27.78 mph, and set a new robotic record of 28.3 mph for a […]

PR III – A walking paper robot

Today, I have brought you the construction of PR-III (Paper Robot III) in the above video. I hope that you will be excited by the performance of the bipedal paper robot as I am. It was developed by a Japanese paper-model enthusiast from the origin of PR-I and PR-II robots. This walking paper robot is […]

Project Hexapod raises funds for Stompy robot

The above video shows you the dream of Project Hexapod’s Stompy robot, which will weigh 1800 kilograms and 18 foot wide. The most interesting factor about this six-legged hydraulic robot is its riding capability. You can ride it anywhere, including on rough terrains with a load of 450 kilograms at 2-3 miles per hour. Moreover, […]

Kuratas robot gets revealed to public at Wonder Fest 2012

The above video brings you almost everything about the Kuratas robot. Kuratas is a prototype of a monster mecha robot developed by Japanese artist and iron worker Kogoro Kurata. Suidobashi Heavy Industry has officially revealed this stunning robot to the public recently at the Wonder Fest 2012. Kuratas weighs 4500 kilograms, and measures a height […]

Robotic limb gets new method of throwing things

The above video brings you the two different demonstrations of a robotic limb throwing a ball: Optimal variable stiffness control Optimal fixed stiffness control The researchers at University of Edinburg have developed this method to provide the easiest way of storing and releasing high energy for throwing, punching, jumping, and kicking. So, they programmed the […]

Internet-Controlled Skippy robot skips stones across a pond

You can watch a Skippy robot skipping stones across a pond on the above video. It is quite amazing to see a robot doing this, and a similar thing can be done by you if you can hold your nerves while in an online queue. A promotion website of Idaho’s Sun Valley resort areas gives […]

Get a free Husky A200 for your robotics research

The above video brings you the action of Husky A200 unmanned ground vehicle developed by Clearpath Robotics. They have set up a PartnerBot Research Grant in which a Husky A200 is sponsored for an industrial-based mobile robot research per annum. Clearpath’s PartnerBot program funds one Husky A200 UGV, which is custom-made for your research to […]

EPFL UAV is capable of flying even after collision

The above video shows you a flying robot that collides, picks itself up, and flies again. It was developed by the researchers of EPFL Federal Research Institute at the Laboratory for Intelligent Systems, Switzerland. This technique was inspired from a flying insect’s resilience. EPFL UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) incorporates a flexible carbon-fiber frame along with […]

iCub learns to roll objects

The above video brings you the iCub’s action in rolling objects. The iCub humanoid robot was designed at IIT as a part of EU project RobotCub. The attractive feature is that it learns like a human child. Likewise, it has learned many new things like archery, catching the ball, etc. using its vision and hearing […]

MIT’s robot arm will weave webs like silkworm

The above video brings you the performance of MIT’s newly developed robotic arm. This robot arm is capable of weaving its own webs as the silkworm does for creating the cocoons. The project members of MIT Media Lab are trying to train a robot to accomplish the realistic capabilities of this feature. So far, the […]