DarwinBot keeps you connected with your pet anytime

Nowadays, dogs are left alone in the home for the whole day as many of the husbands and wives started to work full time. They required some of them to provide food and play with their loved dogs. But, it was almost impossible before the invention of DarwinBot.

DarwinBot was built by a Microsoft Robotics Developer, Jordan Correa. The purpose for creating this robot was to allow the owners to stay connected with their dog through the internet while they are at work.

DarwinBot, which is considered as the Pet Companion Robot includes Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4 and Parallax EDDIE hardware platform. It adds an impressive feature of delivering the owner’s face and voice in the Slate PC through Skype.

Correa has incorporated a ball launcher and a robotic arm in his robot for throwing and retrieving the ball. Therefore, it certainly keeps your dog more enthusiastic and entertained. DarwinBot also gets the integration of webcam and pan-and-tilt camera for finding the ball and having a glance through the home respectively.

An Xbox Kinect sensor is used in this dog-sitting robot for protecting it from obstacles while traveling in the room. Moreover, it has got an Xbox 360 controller for operating the DarwinBot remotely.

Overall, DarwinBot keeps your dog entertained and as well as keeps out your work tension for some time.

The video given below shows you the brief explanation of the DarwinBot and also the interaction of Correa with Darwin.

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