Cockroach-inspired DASH robot runs rapidly on reverse direction

Generally, the robotics researchers use to add new qualities to the robots from the inspiration of insects or animals. It has been a successive attempt, and some robots of this type are Robojelly (jellyfish-inspired robot), Tailbot (lizard-inspired robot), Scalybot 2 (snake-inspired robot), etc. Now, UC Berkley’s biologists have developed a DASH robot, which mimics the disappearing act of cockroaches and geckos.

If we try to kill a cockroach in the table, it runs quickly to the edge, swings around, and continues its running in the reverse direction. It is possible because the cockroaches hook its back legs on the edge of the table at the full speed, and turn upside down like a pendulum. At this stage, it will still have 75 % of its running energy. This certainly helps them to continue running on the opposite direction (underside of the table).

The cockroach-inspired DASH (Dynamic Autonomous Sprawled Hexapod) robot is equipped with six small legs. The rear legs are attached with Velcro by the Ron Fearing (Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) and graduate students. The Velcro helps it to turn upside down on the ramp edge, and continue its running on the opposite direction that was done by the cockroaches and geckos.

In recent years, some robots have only accomplished the capability to change its behavior from one to another. Now, the DASH robot of University of California, Berkeley has this set up. Overall, this kind of robots must be developed in the coming years for making the future of robotics a great one.

The below video brings you the ledge flip performance of DASH robot, Cockroaches, and Geckos.

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