Double Robotics takes video calling to next level

Double is an iPad-faced robot, developed to enjoy the realistic eye to eye contact remotely. Other video calling services like Skype also offer this facility, but Double takes it to modern level. Instead of being in a video conference room, the wheels in the Double allow you to move at various places freely, and give you an opportunity to interact with many people. For example, you can visit your offices available at different locations without traveling there.

Double is compatible with 2nd and 3rd generation iPads. It can be interfaced with your iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, or desktop browser by downloading and installing the accompanying app. The simple touchscreen controls allow you to move it at different places. You can also move its head up and down for having face to face communication.

Double weighs 7.0 kilograms (including iPad), and includes an accelerometer and gyroscope for providing balanced moves. It also boasts a couple of kickstands at its bottom to keep it more balanced after the controller stops moving it. A number of Doubles can also use the same app for operating remotely.

Double system incorporates an internal rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. The most exciting factor of this robot is its capability to provide a battery life of up to eight hours with just two hours of full recharge.

Double Robotics states some of its applications:

  • Office or new factory tour
  • School and college campus tour
  • Museums and galleries visit
  • Retail stores – Deliver information of products to customer
  • Be in touch with your families

Double Robotics has already started its shipping last year. Due to more demand, every product of their first production has been sold. But they are still ready to accept more orders. The orders given before Aug 16, 2012 is shipped from December and orders given after Aug 16, 2012 will be delivered next year. You can now pre-order a Double for US $1999, and save US $500.

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