Error detection and recovery in robot workcell

Error detection and recovery includes two elements such as:

  • Error detection
  • Error recovery

The detection problem involves the use of suitable sensors for identifying the error occurred in an operation. In addition, the sensor signals are read by the related intelligence in order to classify the errors accurately.

The error recovery system helps in providing a proper plan by a robot to correct the existing malfunction or irregularities in the workcell. Generally, a specific recovery plan must be prepared for dealing with each type of error that is found during error detection.

Types of errors:

The errors that commonly occur in a manufacturing process can be categorized into three types such as:

  • Random errors – These errors are resulting from a stochastic event, and they are described with the help of their statistical nature.
  • Systematic errors – These types of errors are described by some preconception that takes place in the operation.
  • Illegitimate errors – These errors are obtained either by the mistake of a human worker or equipment.

Some possible malfunctions and irregularities that occur in an operation can be determined using above three errors. A disadvantage in the error detection and recovery system is that it cannot be designed for a particular application.

Reason for using error detection and recovery system:

During a subsequent manufacturing process, some errors and malfunctions can be occurred. Therefore, a robot workcell will require some sort of improvement to restart the standard automatic operation.

In general, most of the robot workcells are stopped if an error occurs in the operation, and then the human workers are introduced to correct those problems. This activity highly leads to the interruption of production.

To overcome this problem, a system called as error detection and recovery is employed in a robot cell for sensing the occurrence of errors and malfunctions and as well as to provide suitable action for restoring the regular automatic operation.

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