Intelligent Software features of FANUC R-2000iB robot

The above video brings you the demonstration of Learning Vibration Control (LVC), Secondary Encoder, and Image to Path. The intelligent software features of FANUC R-2000iB robot are described briefly below:

During high speed operations, the LVC helps in providing less vibration and as well as high accuracy. If the LVC software is not used to simulate drilling an aerospace panel, the FANUC R-2000iB robot takes 11.50 seconds to finish the cycle. When the LVC software is activated, it is capable of finishing the work cycle in 9.90 seconds, which is 14% faster.

The high-accuracy solution of FANUC Robotics allows the robot to position the given area accurately. The secondary encoders in the robot provide the accurate location of drill holes and tool.

If the edge positions of a work part are changed, then iRVision helps in capturing the altered image. The robot moves around the object on the path created by the edge positions. At first, it simulates waterjet cutting and then removes the material with the tool offset.

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