fMRI allows robot to read human thoughts remotely

The fMRI, known as Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a machine that can perform unbelievable things like recording videos of your dreams, enlightening innovative skills during sleeping, etc. Now, Israeli researchers have used it in controlling a robot remotely through human thoughts.

The fMRI is capable of calculating the activities of brain instantaneously by recognizing the blood flow changes. As it can sense changes, it has the potential to distinguish between the human thoughts like turn right, turn left, walk forward, etc. This is what the Israel researchers implemented on their experiment.

The fMRI machine reads the human thoughts in real time with the help of a distantly alarming degree of accuracy. The main advantage of this technology is that it doesn’t require more training like other brain-controlling methods. All you want to do is just think an image of a robot performing a work, and fMRI will capture those thoughts and make the robot to carry on the same.

A researcher at Israel thinks turn right or turn left or walk forward inside the fMRI machine, and these different thoughts are read and performed by a robot present thousand kilometers away from France. This astonishing performance is shown in the below video:

In the future, if the fMRI machine is incorporated in our day to day life accessories like cap, sunglasses, etc., then it could be a more useful device than now.

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