Latest method for mass-producing flying microrobots

The above video displays the animation of Harvard’s Monolithic Bee (Mobee) fabrication and assembly. By inspiring from pop-up children books and origami, Harvard engineers have developed a new method for building the replicas of Mobee. This method uses the current mechanism for producing PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards).

The prototype for mass-producing Mobee incorporates 18 layers of laminated carbon fiber, Kapton, adhesive sheets, brass, titanium, and ceramic. It gets the complicated laser-cut design with 137 total folding joints, which allows the 2.40 mm high and 90 mg weight microrobots to be assembled in just a single movement.

This automated mass-production of microrobots will certainly eliminate the human errors that tend to happen on the hand-made robots. Overall, the manufacturing of three-dimensional electromechanical devices is made easy and accurate with this new technique.

For more details, visit this site: Harvard

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