HERB robot can microwave your meal

In this modern world, the development of robots is mostly focused on technical areas like industries, military, etc. than the real-world applications. As a result, we are lacking the help of robots in our day to day life. It could be a big disappointment to many of the robot lovers. To make you happy, Siddhartha Srinivasa of Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute developed HERB (Home Exploring Robot Butler) for household purposes.

HERB is equipped with a Segway base for moving from one place to another. It has got plenty of sensors and a three-fingered hand for picking and placing the objects. An astonishing inclusion is the spinning laser, which delivers forty thousand points per second data stream. So that it does not collide with other things even in a new environment.

HERB is made to pick up the frozen meal, open the door of a microwave oven, place the meal inside, close it, and switch ON the oven. After the meal is heated, it can pick up and give it to its master. In addition, it can identify and grasp one object from a collection of similar things.

Overall, the main goal of this Robotics Institute is to develop robots that are helpful for performing our daily life works like cooking, washing clothes, cleaning dishes, and more.

You can also catch the working performance of HERB in the below video:

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