Inexpensive tiny Kilobots are coming

Kilobots are the tiny robots, which are developed for making the robotic swarming performance ease and inexpensive. It also gives the idea of implementing many number of robots in the same experiment simultaneously. This innovative Kilobot was created by the Self Organizing System Research group of Harvard University. Now, it has been licensed to the Swiss Robot-maker K Team Corporation for manufacturing and purchasing the kilobots to other institutions for their personal researches.

Every single tiny Kilobot consists of a microcontroller, three rigid legs, IR transceiver, LED bulb, lithium ion battery, and two motors. These motors help the kilobot to move in the flat surfaces by vibrating their legs. Only 40 seconds is enough to program plenty of kilobots with the help of a computer, and each system is capable of performing autonomously.

Kilobots are created by the inspiration of the insects like bees, ants, etc., which are best in finding their foods even in the complex places. These kilobots also resemble their collective performance in constructing the nests, transportation of big objects, and so on.

Kilobots can be used in supervising the atmosphere for removing the contaminants. It can be incorporated in hazardous construction areas, search and rescue processes, and examination of hostile environments. Moreover, it can be very helpful for the scientists to study and design the large robots with collective performance.

Each kilobot will cost around $14 US dollars for building (according to Harvard University), and yet there is no announcement for selling single kilobot to the normal persons.

You can see the collective performance of the Kilobots in the video given below.

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