iRobot designs a soft hand with robust feature

iRobot, a well-known developerof home cleaning robot designs a soft, strong and compliant robotic hand. Usually, most of the robotic hands are made rigid, and they require high precision to grasp the objects. In order to eliminate it, iRobot researchers have come up with this soft robotic hand for DARPA ARM (Autonomous Robotic Manipulation) Program.

This robotic hand is made up with soft, rubber like material with three fingers. Each finger includes a tactile sensor and soft electronics materials, which are actuated using the motors. As it is connected with standard fishing lines, it can be easily replaced. A prototype of this model is shown in the below video, which will later get attached to the DARPA ARM robot.

I hope that you might have beenamazed by the performance of iRobot’s robotic hand displayed in the above video. A pure state of the art is delivered in this hand for providing the capability to bear the high force obtained from the baseball bat. Once the ball is ejected with high pressure, the soft and compliant feature makes the hand to get back into its original position without any usage of expensive sensors. In the meanwhile, the hand gets various blends due to the pressure created by the bat. These moves are shown closely in the slow motion part of the video.

The research team says that this soft-robotic hand can pick small objects, as well as huge objects at a weight of up to 22.7 kilograms. As a result, I believe that iRobot’s hand is definitely open for a wide range of robotic applications.

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