Latest ASIMO humanoid robot gets revealed

Apart from many humanoid robots, ASIMO seems to be the most favorite one to the majority of peoples. The main reason was its ability to perform several tasks almost like a human being. Now this most advanced humanoid robot in the world is upgraded with some additional superior features, and they were recently revealed by Honda Robotics group.

Improved balance:

Sometimes, ASIMO humanoid robot may lose its balance on the uneven terrains. To add a solution for this problem, it has got several leg movements. If this robot feels like falling, it keeps a leg extended to one step as soon as possible. As a result, this feature helps the robot to walk, run front & back, and even jump on an irregular surface.

Human-like activities:

The all-new ASIMO is now included with multiple sensors, which helps it to perform several tasks autonomously.

  • It can be conscious of peoples moving close by.
  • It can change its movement according to the surroundings.
  • It can follow a person while walking and moves on its own way for preventing it from accidents.
  • It is capable of finding a human face with their voices.
  • It can also recognize a person’s voice on a noisy place.

Highly skilled:

The latest ASIMO humanoid robot adds two important sensors such as:

  • Force sensors – placed in every finger.
  • Tactile sensor – placed in the palm.

With the help of these sensors, it can pick up a bottle and remove its rotational cap. It can also pour the liquid on the cup, which is gripped on the other hand. A picture of this performance is displayed on the top. Every single finger performs independently, and it has got the ability to show symbols on its hand.

Some of the other comparisons:

When this new-generation ASIMO robot is compared with its predecessor, it gets several improvements:

  • The latest ASIMO weighs 48 kilograms (106 pounds), and it is 6.0 kilograms more weight than its predecessor.
  • The new model runs at a speed of 9.0 kilometers per hour (5.60 miles per hour), while its previous model travels at 6.0 kilometers per hour (3.70 miles per hour).
  • The recent version is developed with 57 degrees of freedom whereas the earlier version had 34 degrees of freedom.

The video given below shows all its new performance.

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