Latest safety method for robots

The robots are currently playing an important role in almost every application. It has been proven to be a great invention in several fields like medical, military, production industries, and so on. Moreover, it is a dangerous machine when there is any contact between the human workers and the robots.

For example: in the industries, a worker may be employed to perform several tasks that are somewhat close to a robot. In this situation, a worker and robot may have a chance to get collided. This will cause a huge damage or even death to a human worker.

To sort out this major problem, a new technology called as “Projection and Camera based Safety System” was developed by the researchers from Fraunhofer Institute of Factory Operation & Automation.


In this safety system, a camera and projector are incorporated on the top of the wall. The purpose of a projector is to deliver the visible-light beams on the floor. This safe region can be marked under any size and shape. The shape can be of any form like a square, rectangular, circle, etc. An added advantage is that it is highly visible to human naked eyes, even if there is an external light such as sunlight or bulbs. A camera is used to monitor the lines marked on the floor. If there is any interruption on the projected lines, the camera will suddenly detect and stop the performance of the robots.

After a safe zone is marked, the human workers will have some attention on the visible lines. If a worker crosses the safety lines by mistake, the robot will stop performing its work immediately. In addition, it will provide some warning sounds as well to alert the worker. This safety system is less expensive, and can be made more effective by implementing two or more cameras and projectors.

Overall, I think that it must be a necessary one to be employed in every robot for reducing the accidents.

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